Social Policy - Campaigning for Change

The stories that clients share with us in the Bureau give us a unique insight into the problems faced by people living in the local area.

Our clients come to us for advice and information on their rights, or where to turn for more help and support. Often their problems can then be resolved, or at least they have taken some positive steps on the way to resolution. However a large number of the problems faced by clients coming to our bureau are caused by unfair rules and regulations or by the law not being applied properly. We also hear a lot about very poor levels of service and discrimination against some groups of people.

To try and resolve these kinds of issues and to stop them happening in the future, we need to address the causes of the problems – which may mean making complaints to companies, employers or government agencies, contacting our local MP’s or talking to council officials.


You can find out more about how we change thing for the better on the Citizens Advice campaigning for change page.

Contact our Social Policy Co-ordinator for more information on campaigning for change at Chelmsford CAB.

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